Roots Monday: The Singleman Affair – “Same Sky I See”

The Singleman Affair was actually the one-man band of Dan Schneider. Schneider uses the sounds of his home-recordings to make extraordinary songs with different recording techniques. He uses old reverb units and spacious room mic’s to give an expansive feel to his music and the result is the rich 70’s and 60’s sounding music that is both comfortable and nostalgic. He sounds like the musicians he emulates, Tim Buckley, Cat Stevens, Nick Drake or his hero, Canadian musician, Skip Spence who played on the debut album for Jefferson Airplane, and played guitar for Quicksilver Messenger Service and front man for psychedelic band, Moby Grape.

For a guy who grew up in the 1980’s and 1990’s, Schneider was raised listening to The Velvet Underground, Bob Dylan and Neil Young. Even the name of his one-man band is from that era, from the 1968 classic The Graduate. Schneider happily says that the Singleman Affair is no longer a one man pursuit of living room sound, he is getting ready to tour with a full band. He spent the past four years trying to get a record label interested in his music, so he decided to start his own label and release his own music on his new label, “Cardboard Sangria”. His music is rich with finger-picked acoustic guitars, the perfect music for a rainy afternoon or a hazy car ride in the country. Today’s toker tune is perfect for Valentines Day, full of love gained, love lost and the rich complex relationships we forge with each other. The song is called “Same Sky I See” and it is from his new album “Silhouettes at Dawn”.

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