Rockin’ Friday: Sinister Grin – “Medicine”

Sinister Grin is a Alternative / Rock / Southern Rock band that formed in Memphis Tennessee in early 2001. The band is signed to Indie label Hamster Powered Radio.

Sinister Grin can best be described as – pure, raw and melodic, with a southern attitude. With influences such as Alice in Chains, Theory of a Deadman,  and Sound Garden, you can figure that the guys were great students, because the songs reflect there roots very well.

Sinister Grin’s cd Medicine was recorded in a home studio built by Brandon Scott and mixed and mastered at Ardent Studios in Memphis. The band: Brandon Scott (guitar/vocals), Val Suarez (guitar/vocals), Billy Little (bass) and Richie Pierce ”Mayor of Frayser” (drums) can be seen touring the south and around the country!

Turn it up stashers and take in some “Medicine”!!!!

Download audio file (Sinister Grin – Medicine.mp3)

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