Rockin’ Friday: Hank Williams III – “Gutter Town” and “Troopers Hollar”

Hank Williams III (Wikipedia)

This week we welcome Hank III, from Tennesssee and on his own record label “Do It Yer Fuck’n Self” and the King of HellBilly!

In an era of plastic, manufactured music, it is always refreshing when someone goes against the grain and does what they want to do. Hank Williams III is the best example of this in music today. For over twelve years now Shelton Hank Williams III has been fighting the music industry to be his own man. Cast by certain people in the shadow of his legendary grandfather, Williams has fought long and hard to create his own sound and style, and to preserve the true outlaw spirit of real country music. His ever-evolving three hour live shows pay respects to both his country roots, and the punk and metal influences that he has held true to since his teens. Much like his grandfather and his father before Him, Hank III is his own man. He doesn’t care what expectations people have in him, and he will do it the way that he does it so long as he is alive.

Hank III has been busy, to say the least, writing and recording FOUR albums at once—Ghost to a Ghost/Guttertown, a double LP of refracted country music, the literally unprecedented 3 Bar Ranch Cattle Callin and the sludgy Attention Deficit Domination—and they all landed on the shelf the very same day, Sept. 6. We don’t believe anyone has done such a thing before—or even thought of doing it, for that matter. It’s too damn crazy.

Packaged together, Ghost to a Ghost and Guttertown find Hank3 further mutating his trademark hellbilly sound, while the latter LP is heavily seasoned with Cajun accents. While the other 2 albums, Attention Deficit Domination and Cattle Callin explore the two extremes of metal. Hank3 plays practically everything on both.

According to Hank3, the most countrified songs from this batch are “Day by Day” and “Guttertown” while the crossover tune is “Troopers Hollar,” which brings together his country and metal sides.

So have your selves a “good ole time”, roll one up and take a trip with Hank III and Norml to Gutter Town!


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