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  1. John says:

    WOW! They are to STONED to run a business!! show up when told to to get clones and they show up no clones so much for a days notice they are to stoned to remeber!!!!!!!! They think they are the only place to get clones!! Once again to stoned!!!!!!

  2. bigpoppa says:

    friendly place to go. always got a wide varity of medication on hand.

  3. ed duffey says:

    best place in michigan

  4. Jim says:

    Very good quality meds that are never watered down.

    Excellent support group foundation.

    High quality, Compassionate Care.

  5. Chris says:

    looking for lights

  6. farmer kim says:

    Caregivers beware dropping mmm report magazine.i dropped off sample that scored 23.81never called me but had a full jar he was selling of same kind(its called bait and switch.Hes made that magazine before i wonder if he even buys from caregivers leaving samples or from his friends

  7. Grower says:

    Every time I have called or have been there the people was stoned. Phone calls are a joke. Makes me wonder if they can read the scales or even know what kind of meds they have.

    For now there isn’t no other else to go in that area. That will soon change and they will be out of business.

    If the owner is reading this, read it real slow. Or better yet get someone that can read it for you and explain it to you !

    • Grower says:

      Just as I said. Truegreene just north on M30 is open and are doing a great business. The meds are top shelf and the people are great to deal with. The best around to get your meds.

      • virgo911 says:

        Hey where is true Greene at looked em up but can’t find n e thing headed out there but would b nice to have location ..I’m assuming they r north on m30 n e info u can give would b helpful. Ty

      • Jacalyn says:

        You’ve really imrepssed me with that answer!

    • rob says:

      whats wrong with being stoned and selling weed i don’t get it that would be the best job ever!

  8. ty says:

    Always there for me, thanx greenwayz

  9. pissed says:

    your seeds are gabage 1st rule no stripes no good not 1 of your fucking seeds had spot or stripe your a low life thiveing piece of shit you should be fucking ashamed of yourself burn in HELL¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  10. Gabrielle Finley says:

    Since day 1 I was a greatful customer. Adam has respect fr his patients and is very helpful. His dad is amazing and even gifted me a pipe after I realized I didn’t have enough money fr one. I love that if you ask for house weed you save so much money and it’s always killer.

    Love u greenways

    Thanks for not making me work that pipe
    Off – lol

  11. Devin says:

    Hands down the best dispensary in mid-Michigan..! Can’t complain at all..!

  12. Amy says:

    Owner is shady. Sold me 2 oz for 200 ea. I got 12g of leaves & stems. Horrible. Looked & tasted like someones outdoor garbage. All about the money there. Dont care about the people or product. Avoid this place. Owner too stoned & greedy to care who he’s ripping off. Will take my money to lansing. Horrible!

    • Jason Dyer says:

      Then why did you buy it , it blows me away that people buy flower then get home and complain about leaves n steams …but then again some dispensaries pre pack their ounces and if I can’t open it and smell it refuse to buy it
      I’d say it’s more your fault for not looking through your purchase well enough as well as theirs for knowingly selling low grade at mid shelf or top shelf prices
      I got to a place that pre packs but they love my business and allow to through look the product …. If you carry yourself like an idiot you’re going to be treated like one …
      Did you take it back request an exchange …probably not

  13. greg says:

    I will never go back we wasted four hrs following there directions then we got there and everything we were told was bs and then some from the dogs jumping on my wife the stoned bud tender and the crap in the jars that were sold as meds left me far from satisfied as promised go at your own risk

  14. James says:

    Where do I begin…
    This place is hands down the worst dispensary I have ever been in. The place is dirty, the “bud tender” was dirty and rude. He laughed when I asked where his Atm was when on the door it clearly has a credit card accepted sticker. After showing up a half hour after I called the phone number on the door, the guy tried to sell me meds that looked like old brick weed while bagging up brownies and handling money. This is the kind of stuff the medical consumer market can do with out. We are making good progress as far as this state goes. We don’t need inadequate, sub par facilities to ruin this progress. I will never go into this business again. With the heavy tourist industry in the area, you would think there to be a local place showing that they can supply the demand in a safe and inviting store. I’ve yet to find any in the area.

  15. bud man says:

    this place is garbage. the son rather play his xbox one then wait on patients. waited about 15 minutes for him to finish his game before he waited on me. Ripped me off twice. this is more of a local drug house then a legal business. $400 for ounces. cant even tell you what kind of wax they have. they are more about making money then helping patients. take your money somewhere else. I go to THE HERBLE CENTRE/THC in MT. Morris. great ppl great meds. ounces for $200 awesome waxes. everything you need at great prices.

  16. bud man says:

    I would love to see this place shut down and get a dispensary that is caring about their patients and not their Xbox. I personally am doing what I can to get them shut down and get someone in there that wants to help patients, not themselves. their price for medication is way over priced & knowing the closes place from them is about a 2 hour drive they can do that. Wayne & Son are horrible compassion club owners. their more like drug dealers and scammers with a license. report this place to LARA after you leave a comment or read this. take action against this noncompassion club & help get one that is caring

    • larry says:

      We all stand together as family you cant reply nrgitivitu with negitivity that will elapse in a vicious circle of hate

  17. Anderson says:

    Absolutely best selection. Good people. Stop in you will be pleased.

  18. Alex T Parks says:

    The place is too dark and boring and a bit shabby looking. Could use some bright paint inside and the medicine case should be lit up to show those buds off.
    The pot hole hell parking lot is aweful.
    With that said…
    The medicine is fuc¥ing awesome. I enjoy all of Adam & Waynes flowers. Top Shelf Boys. Top Shelf.
    I hope you intend on cleaning that sh*t hole up because there’s nothing wrong with your grow skills.

  19. PHOENIX says:


  20. modelm says:

    The bud is quality, despite prices being a scam ($300 oz). The employees are some of the biggest assholes in history. One day, I refused to lend one of their regular customers some money. The next day I came in, the owner literally cornered me and told me that he heard rumors that I was “selling his stuff in town for a profit”, which is outrageous (quite obvious where the rumor came from). I told him about 5 times that I never have and he still gave me this attitude and lecture about the rules and how such actions would put his business at risk. Within a years time, I spent over 10 thousand dollars at this location and it was like they had no idea who I was everytime I came in. One time, I accidentally underpaid a mere $30 and they made this huge deal about it – one of the employees made this “OOOOOOHHH!!!” sound. Literally over $30, acting like I was pulling something. The legal limit for medical marijuana possession is 2.5 oz. The first few months I shopped here, I would always come in with a full $750 stack and spend it all on 2.5 oz – yet that is how they reacted to one mistake. I’ve heard from other customers that they test people all the time (dropping stuff on floor to test honesty, etc). On the day that they accused me of selling their product, I pulled out $500 – the owner went “HOLY SHIT!”… I could just hear his thoughts, saying to himself “yeah, the rumors about this guy are right since he has so much to spend!”. I had just sold my 55 inch TV to get that cash and it was less than what I usually spent. In the beginning, the daughter once (on her own will) offered to add me on facebook to give me updates about edibles (illegal at the time). For about 5-6 months, she would lie to my face everytime I came into the shop. “Oh yeah, I forgot. I’ll add you today. When you get home, you’ll see that I added you. Oh I’m sorry, I forgot – I’m adding you RIGHT now, dude…” Lied for no reason at all. Being understandably upset by all this, I vented to a few people about it. Unsurprisingly, most people had negative things to say about them as well. One person told me that they charged $200 for an eighth when they first opened – which is criminally high. A friend went behind my back and completely told them off on the internet. And, of course, they accused me of being the one sending the messages. I avoided the shop for a while because I was tired of everything. One day, a good friend asked me to join him for a visit to the shop. As usual, they were about 30 minutes late to open. One of the employees glared at me and said that I wasn’t allowed there. I could tolerate a few misunderstandings but they were complete pricks to an innocent disabled person. The friend I previously mentioned used to get rides from some random crazy old psycho lady to the shop. Apparently, one day, she sold the employees something that ended up being broken (I think it was a table?). My buddy had absolutely no knowledge or involvement of this. The next time he came in for a purchase, they screamed at him and cursed him out… a disabled 63 year old man! Being the only one there with a good heart, he made sure to fix everything, despite the abuse. True Greenz down the street used to have low quality trash but they have improved and can tell you some horror stories about this location. Honestly though, if you’re smart, you won’t even bother with dispensaries. Caretakers are significantly cheaper and some will deliver. Don’t be fooled by their behavior – these people are jerks. Do some research, get a caretaker, and you’ll save hundreds of dollars.

  21. Gary says:

    Quality of the meds are average, compared to other dispensaries. The young man who waited on me was friendly. I will go back.

  22. James Allen says:

    Are you still open for business

  23. Fred Abbott says:

    Getting ready to move to Beaverton. Recently retired. After reading these reviews, I’m worried. Is there any other option in Beaverton? I’m moving to Beaverton because the med program here in Fl is a joke.

  24. Justin says:

    Very good product open rain sleet or snow.. Awesome place!!!

  25. JULEE HAMILTON says:

    I am looking for a dispensary that is legal for medical and recreational purchase and I need to know if out of town people can still buy your product? And all I really need is the answers to my questions above. We have been known to drive all the way to Denver from Champaign, IL last spring and I was enthralled that I could smell the MJ way out in the air of the pot shop in Colorado. How do you sell it? Most important of all CAN I ASK IS CAN SOMEONE LIKE ME AND MY HUSBAND WHO DON’T WANT MORE THAN A 1/2 OUNCE AT A TIME CAN THAT PERSON STILL BUY IF I AM FROM OUT OF TOWN? SINCERELY, JULEE HAMILTON

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