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  1. Dr. Greenleaf says:

    Here’s a review and it’s not because the present proprietors are thieving, greedy, back stabbing, lying bastards who stole everything they opened with under Greenleaf Supplies. Andy and Scott Simmons knew nothing about MMJ until Rev. Wayne rented a space from them then ended up giving them 2/3rds. of his business for 1/3 of the entire building and 1/3rd. of a driving range. Rev. was set up and when he went to jail the Simmons placed a “NO CONTACT” on the Rev., took all the money in the ATM which was used as the bank equaling over $50,000, PLUS harvested all the plants averaging 8-10 ft, tall, making $36,000 (maintenance man is proof)., then last took all the jewelry, money, and valuables from the Rev.s house he just bought on contract from the Simmons. They are uneducated, will burn you, and care nothing about you, so frequent if you will. Good luck. I ACTUALLY HOPE the Simmons read this and file charges..I want to get them into a courtroom.

  2. John says:

    The Pricks that stole Greenleaf, The Simmons’, are not to be trusted to even eat in their restaurants. The cook at the Downtown Market where Simmons’ barcafe is, has on a number of times dropped things on the floor, to then serve to customers. One incident was spital, another was nose discharge, and who knows what else. I had to quit!! Simmons even stole the money from Greenleaf to and The Rev. to pay for their liquor license and inventory.
    I wouldn’t piss on Andy Simmons grave. His fiancee is a nosey thieving, backstabbing loss of goodness type who commands Andy to her desires. Like talking Andy into stealing over $100,000 from the ATM machine at Greenleaf after the rev. was arrested. FUCKIN THIEVES!!

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