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  1. Working man says:

    Sunday open to 5:00 not 7:00

    • Working man says:

      Also closed Mondays

      • Roby says:

        We are doomed. History tells us that is true. How long we have left is the question. The house of cards will fall and something else will be built out of the collapsed pile of cards. As soon as the part of the elraotecte that don't produce grows greater than the producers and can, by vote, take more from the producers the end is in sight. We are on the downside of that slope now. It will take a miraculous change to save us. Damn, I bring me down……

  2. Jim says:

    These people r out of business along with there is no 3000 leonard

  3. hector Luis morales padilla says:

    Hello how can I get medical weed when I have my license and the crop is not done would like to know if there a dispence closed by

  4. hector Luis morales padilla says:

    Hey how can I get my dispence when I out of my dispence

  5. Kay says:

    Try Lansing. Happy Life

  6. Joe says:

    This place is still open but their new number for Delivery Only is 616.566.7425 Their new name is Zippy

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