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  1. Rose says:

    Dont waste your time…
    these people really didn’t know what they were doing. they tried to get me to sign up as their patient just so they could sell me some medicine. i heard two people fighting in the back who were apparently arguing about money. they wanted A LOT of info about me, and said they were operating just like a dr.s office. i asked them what they would do if a cop came in and asked to see their records… i guess they hadn’t thought about that… the older woman said that they would have to let the cop see their records… OH really?? You would just give away my private information because a cop asked to see your PRIVATE “medical” records you’re keeping at your office? Great.. just want i was looking for. I just found out from a friend who went there his first time too that they were getting a lot of attention for “shady” deals to non licensed patients so they had to change their name recently… dont be fooled by the new name… they are the ones at 1001 Medical Park Dr. SE. SUITE 112 in CASCADE right off 28th St.

  2. Arlene Davis says:

    They were knowledgeable and very friendly highly recommended.

  3. Lynne says:

    The one on West River drive was excellent. They were knowledgeable and were quite hesitant when there was an issue with my medical records. They seemed to be dedicated to upholding the law. When I talked to a lawyer friend, they recommended this clinic to me because they are the least sketchy and have rarely had any issues. I would highly recommend going here.

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