Five & Dime Herbal Resource

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  1. Patient in need says:

    Place seems shady. I called and at first the guy who answered the phone was nice. I had mentioned how their was another dispensary in that town that closed down and if there is a new one I want to come check it out. I told him I have a hard card and live near there. He immediately told me ” oh you know what buddy, we aren’t taking any new patients at this time” lol. He must have got scared and thought I was out to get him lol. I have a serious condition, not just a stoner with a card and they pretty much have no compassion at all for a patient in need. If your not part of their “exclusive” club yet then don’t bother calling or making the trek over there, waste of time. These places are the ones that need to close down, no compassion and just a couple of “who gives a shit” stoners running the place. They lost out on a good donation today!!

  2. the dude says:

    these guys r scam artists. oh yea and the owner is a dead beat, not to mention this is the only dispensary in owosso that got raided by dea. avoid this place like the plague unless u want magnet and dea beatin down ur door

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