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  1. Patient in need says:

    This guy Chris who runs this place needs to get his s*&t together period. I went there and donated for quite a few clones. When I finally received the clones over a week later they were all messed up. It looked like he took them right out of the hydroponic setup and plopped them in some rockwool cubes and called it good lol. They had mutations and some kind of fungus infestation. I got 2 good plants out of 10!!! The rest either died upon transplant into foxfarm ocean forest soil or had fungus that started showing on the leaves. Got some meds from him too and he just pulled some branches out of a plastic bag and tore a few buds off!!! Definitely no cure and full of leaves, had decent hash though and pretty affordable. I am pretty mad about only getting two decent plants out of $150 donation for 10!!! Place isnt even together yet and no meds on hand. There was some woman there when I showed up and she had no meds I could look at or anything, she just called the owner and he showed up with a back pack a half hour or more later. Definitely not professional and clones suck to say the least. I guess he offers classes and all that but I don’t think he exactly knows enough yet to offer that service. I have only been a caregiver for a year now and have never had anywhere near the problems with my own clones that I did with his. I got one MK and one BK clone that I can clone out myself so all is not lost.

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