Ant Farm Compassion Club

3 reviews for “Ant Farm Compassion Club
  1. organic man says:

    These guys sure know how to rip off sick patients with their raping prices and slow service( 70 for 3.5 grams and a 2 hour wait). YOU GUYS ARE USERS!

  2. TripleAAA says:


  3. chris says:

    I must say that i have been using them for a while and they have been great for the most part. It’s quality but it does typically take longer than they quote and a little more expensive then what is typically charged but it is a service. I must say, I was kind of irritated thought that when I asked today when they closed the operater said 9PM and I called at 8:45 to order and they said that they closed at 8:30. I get it, it’s not AMAZON customer service but you are a business that makes LOTS of money….if you’re open till 9 please be open at 9. I flew home from San Diego and left my battery dead car at the airport and took a taxi so I could be home to order because alli wanted to do was smoke and relax…and what you were saying wasn’t true. Still a good place but you could make it be a little more professional–my two cents.

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