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Vermont: Law Legalizing Adult Marijuana Use Takes Effect Sunday, July 1

Adults in Vermont will be able to possess and grow personal use quantities of cannabis legally under state law, beginning this Sunday, July 1. Vermont joins Alaska, California, Colorado, the District of Columbia, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington in

Vermont Becomes the Ninth State to Legalize Adult Marijuana Possession and Personal Cultivation

Republican Gov. Phil Scott has signed legislation (H. 511) into law legalizing the use and cultivation of marijuana by adults. Vermont is the ninth state to statutorily permit adults to possess marijuana for personal use, and it is the first

Vermont: Governor Announces He Will Sign Marijuana Depenalization Measure

Republican Gov. Phil Scott publicly announced at a news conference that he intends to sign legislation into law legalizing the use and cultivation of personal use quantities of marijuana by adults. The Governor vetoed similar legislation last year. House Bill

Vermont Senate Approves Legalization of Marijuana Possession and Cultivation, Awaits Governor’s Signature

Today, the Vermont state Senate approved a measure that would legalize the possession and limited home cultivation of marijuana. Under this legislation, H. 511, individuals 21 years of age or older would be able to possess up to one ounce

Vermont State House Passes Marijuana Legalization

Montpelier, Vermont: Just hours after US Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded Obama-era guidelines instructing US attorneys to take a ‘hands off’ approach in states with legal marijuana regulations, lawmakers in the Vermont House voted to legalize the personal possession and

Vermont: House Blocks Marijuana Depenalization Bill From Further Consideration

Members of the Vermont House of Representatives decided late last night to block a marijuana depenalization measure, H. 511, from further consideration this legislative session. The vote came after Senate members approved the bill, which eliminated civil and criminal penalties

Vermont Governor Phil Scott Vetoes Marijuana Legalization

Republican Gov. Phil Scott today rejected legislation, Senate Bill 22, that sought to eliminate criminal and civil penalties for the adult use and possession of marijuana. The Governor said that he did not support the legislation as written, but remains

Vermont: House Members Turn Back Marijuana Reform Efforts

Members of the Vermont House spent over six hours today debating various amendments to reform marijuana policy, but ultimately decided against enacting any significant changes in law. House lawmakers voted 121 to 28 to reject Senate-approved language that sought to

Vermont Legislature: Will They Be First In The Nation To Legalize Marijuana?

News reports out of Vermont indicate that a major political shift has just occurred that well positions the state legislature to become the first in the nation to end cannabis prohibition and replace with tax-n-regulate policies. The four states (Alaska,

Vermont: Majority Support For Retail Marijuana Sales

A strong majority of Vermonters support regulating the commercial production and retail sales of marijuana for adults, according to a statewide Castleton Polling Institute survey commissioned by the Marijuana Policy Project. Fifty-seven percent of respondents said that they support “changing

Vermont: Cannabis Decriminalization Measure Now Law

Legislation reducing marijuana possession penalties in Vermont became law today. Under the new state law, penalties for the possession of up to one ounce of marijuana and/or marijuana paraphernalia by a person 21 years of age or older have been

It’s Official: Vermont Becomes 17th State To End Criminal Sanctions For Marijuana Possession Offenses

Democrat Gov. (and NORML PAC recipient) Peter Shumlin today signed legislation into law eliminating criminal penalties for adults who possess personal use amounts of cannabis and/or hashish. “This change just makes common sense,” said Shumlin. “Our limited resources should be

Vermont: Lawmakers Approve Marijuana Decriminalization Measure

Members of the Senate this week approved legislation to significantly reduce marijuana possession penalties. On Tuesday, Senators voted 24 to 6 in favor of a House measure that amends penalties for the possession of personal use amounts of marijuana and/or

Vermont Update: Pro-Reform Candidate Gov. Shumlin Holds Massive Lead

New polling data released this week from Castleton Polling Institute shows pro-reform incumbent Governor Peter Shumlin (D) holding a massive lead over his challenger, Randy Brock (R). A survey of 477 registered Vermont voters taken from August 11th to 21st

Proposed Vermont dispensary regs would cap patient registry at 1,000

When you hear us and other outlets refer to “sixteen medical marijuana states and DC,” you should be careful to remember that really means there’s pseudo-legalized California, five semi-functional medical marijuana states (Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Montana*, and Michigan), four quasi-functional medical

NORML.ORG – Vermont Legalizes Establishment Of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Montpelier, VT: Democrat Gov. Peter Shumlin signed legislation into law last week that allows for the establishment of state-sanctioned medical cannabis distribution facilities. The Governor signed the law despite last-minute warnings from the U.S. Justice Department alleging that it would

NORML.ORG – Vermont: House And Senate Lawmakers Approve Marijuana Dispensaries Measure

Montpelier, VT: House and Senate lawmakers last week gave final approval to Senate Bill 17, which allows state-licensed facilities to dispense marijuana to medically authorized patients. On Thursday, House lawmakers decided 99 to 44 in favor of the measure, which

Vermont Lawmakers To Seriously Consider Decriminalizing Marijuana In 2011

Lawmakers will be reintroducing legislation in 2011 to reduce the penalties for minor marijuana possession offenses from a criminal misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in jail and a $500 fine to a civil offense punishable a fine only.