Willie Nelson leans a little to the left, pulls Johnson endorsement in case Kucinich runs

Willie Nelson – "The more I get into politics the more I realize that I am a guitar player."

Earlier this week we reported on the Teapot Party and Willie Nelson’s endorsement of former Republican New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson for president of the United States.  The motto of the Teapot Party is “We lean a little to the left,” and it seems somebody clued-in Willie to the fact that Johnson is, on many issues, leaning heavily to the right.

That and the country crooner’s friendship and 2008 support for Rep. Dennis Kucinich, who leans very heavily on the left, put Willie in an uncomfortable political position, as explained by our colleague, CelebStoner blogmaster and Teapot Party organizer Steve Bloom:

Yesterday, both the Teapot Party and Gary Johnson 2012 sent out press releases announcing the endorsement. The media immediately jumped on it, with Politico, Fox and Raw Story leading the coverage. We were on a roll.

But not so fast. I sent the press release and coverage links to Nelson. His response took me by surprise: “My position is it too early for me to endorse anyone. And I think every one should vote their own conscience.”

I wrote back reminding him that he had approved the endorsement.

“I know I said that,” Nelson replied. “But I think I will wait and see where he stands on other things. My bad. Sorry. I still think he is a good guy but so Is Dennis and if he decided to run I would personally vote for him. If it came down to either him or Gary I’m already committed to Dennis. They both have said they support legal pot.”

So the cat was out of the bag, so to speak. Willie Nelson has changed his tune. “Where do we go from here?” I asked him.

“I still say that the people have the power to change things and they will if they vote,” Nelson replied. “The Teapot Party started as a joke but it could still be a way for people to speak out about important things. I am not a criminal. The millions of pot smokers in this country are not criminals. We don’t like being treated as such and I for one will stand up for what I believe in and will vote for anyone I choose. You should do the same. We are not ever going to agree on everything and everybody. The best advice I ever got was from my ex father-in-law. He said take my advice and do what you want to. End of story.”

And one more email from Nelson, sort of a postscript: “This will blow over and the world moves on. No harm done. We sound like a bunch of pot smokers, that’s all… The more I get into politics the more I realize that I am a guitar player.”

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