When A Governor Calls And Asks For Support To Reform Marijuana Laws…

…you provide it!

Please see my note below about my recent call with Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin, his support for major cannabis law reforms and his wont as a re-elected governor to become a national spokesperson for cannabis law reforms before the Congress and Executive branches.

Many of us have worked for too many years (decades!) to arrive at this juncture in the Cannabis Prohibition epoch when elected policymakers now contact pro-cannabis law reform organizations proactively for financial help, and to affirm their support for legal reforms.

Therefore, I strongly suggest it behooves those of us who can make a political donation to a sitting governor that supports legalizing cannabis to do so by a Vermont-imposed August 14 deadline to demonstrate the kind of political-financial support necessary to provide these reform-minded politicians with both the mettle and funding to advance long-needed cannabis law reforms.

You can donate to Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin’s re-election campaign through either 1) the NORMLPAC by calling in a credit card donation to 202-483-5500 or 2) by sending a check to: NORMLPAC, 1600 K St., NW, Mezzanine, Washington, DC, 20006.

NORML supporters can donate up to $5,000 annually to the NORMLPAC.

To comply with current Federal Election Commission rules, $25 of any NORMLPAC donations received by non-members will be separated from your PAC donation and must be applied to an annual NORML membership (because, only NORML members can donate to the NORMLPAC).

If you’d rather make a direct donation to Shumlin’s campaign, the contact and donation information are found below:

Shumlin for Governor
PO Box 5353
Burlington, VT 05402


FYI: The maximum donation from a person or business in Vermont’s election cycles is $2,000.

Please reference your support for NORML and cannabis law reform when corresponding with his campaign. One can envisage Governor Shumlin informing his fellow governors that he supports cannabis law reforms, sought the support of the cannabis law reform community and received large support and enthusiasm. This will surely encourage some of his fellow (and closeted) governors to both embrace the law reform community and to recognize how popular cannabis law reforms are today among the American people.

In my recent blog post memorializing Cannabis Prohibition’s unfortunate 75th anniversary I lamented: Do not elect politicians who support Cannabis Prohibition.

The polar opposite of such is: Support elected politicians who favor ending Cannabis Prohibition.

We’ve this opportunity in Vermont, and I suspect soon in many more states around the country.

Again, cannabis law reformers have worked hard and long to arrive at these days where, according to most recent Gallup polling, legalization is more popular than prohibition–let’s help finish this process sooner than later by helping to elect the political allies we need to replace the failed and expensive public policy of Cannabis Prohibition with logical alternatives.

Thanks in advance for your consideration, financial support and kind regards!

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