Welcome to West Virginia NORML! Welcome Back, San Diego NORML!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated you on the development of our NORML Affiliate network.  We are striving to place a NORML Affiliate in every US state (as well as a national affiliate in every country… but first things first…)

Today we welcome West Virginia NORML as our newest state affiliate.  Drew Stromberg, a graduate of NORML/SSDP at West Virginia State, has teamed up with David Dawson, a NORML Legal Committee attorney to form our first affiliate in West Virginia.  You can contact them at daviddawsonlaw ‘at’ gmail.com.

We also welcome back a chapter in the southernmost reaches of California.  San Diego County NORML has been formed by attorney Michael Cindrich and activist Craig Beresh.  We are thrilled to welcome back Beresh, who was a part of our attempts to form a San Diego chapter two years ago.  Since then, he has been instrumental in activism in San Diego, leading successful initiative campaigns and garnering significant media coverage.  Contact them at mike ‘at’ michaelcindrich.com.

These two orgs join NY Capital Region NORML and SE Wisconsin NORML as our new 3rd Qtr 2011 affiliates and chapters.  If you’re interested in forming a NORML chapter near you, just send an email to start ‘at’ norml.org and visit norml.org/chapters for more information.

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