Washington DC’s “Washingtonian” Magazine’s “High Society” Special

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“This is a town where I could probably kill 200 major careers if I wanted to be a complete prick,” says Allen St. Pierre, executive director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), which is headquartered on K Street. “Politicians, members of Congress and the Senate, many of their principals—legislative directors, chiefs of staff, communications directors—people in the private sector, Cato Institute, American Enterprise Institute, Brookings, police, any number of notable journalists from television, print, radio, many brand names most Americans would recognize pretty quickly—I’ve smoked with all of them. There is more smoke in DC closets than there is sex.”

This is the killer quote from the Washingtonian Magazine’s “High Society” special that is out today.  In it they have “High Society: Washington’s Love Affair With Marijuana”, which follows a “Nancy Botwin in Weeds”-like woman who quit her marketing job to deliver pot brownies to DC professionals, many of whom are also covered in the piece.

She and other users believe they need to toe a line of secrecy in the nation’s capital. “The perception is still ‘if you’re a pothead, you’re a slacker,’ ” she says. “You don’t want everyone to get so comfortable that it’s an open secret. It’s fine for it to be a closed secret as long as you’re still showing up and getting massive amounts of work done.”

There are also a few side features available on the main site at http://www.washingtonian.com/packages/highsociety/index.html

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