The NORML SHOW LIVE / CelebStoner Pigskin Potheads NFL Fantasy Team features players caught with marijuana

NORML SHOW LIVE and have teamed up to create the first Fantasy Football team comprised solely of active players who have been known to smoke marijuana.  Based on the popular CelebStoner “All-Drug Bust” team, CelebStoner’s Steve Bloom and NORML SHOW LIVE’s Russ Belville have compiled a roster of players who either failed an NFL mandated drug test or got detained or busted by police in a marijuana-related incident.

The team, playing in the “Viper Football League” at and known as the “NSLCS Pigskin Potheads”, features Michael Vick (Philadelphia Eagles) as its starting QB.  While even casual NFL observers will recall Vick’s infamy in his dog-fighting convictions, few remember that before those events Vick was caught in an airport with a false-bottom water bottle containing marijuana.  Chris Simms (Tennessee Titans), who was acquitted after a DUI stop where police said “the smell of pot just came off his clothes and out of his car”, will back up Vick.

The starting running backs are Ricky Williams (Baltimore Ravens), known for his multiple NFL drug test failures for the cannabis he used medicinally to treat social anxiety disorder, and Kevin Faulk (New England Patriots), who was busted for possession outside a Lil Wayne concert in Louisiana.  Marshawn Lynch (Seattle Seahawks), and Laurence Maroney (Denver Broncos), caught in traffic stops with marijuana, will act as backups.

Wide receivers starting for the Potheads are Kenny Britt (Tennessee Titans), caught smoking a blunt at a car wash, and Santonio Holmes (New York Jets), the Super Bowl XLIII MVP who was suspended four games in 2010 for failing the NFL’s drug testing program.  Percy Harvin (Minnesota Vikings) and Brandon Tate (New England Patriots) will be the backups.  Harvin has missed a few games due to his migraine headache condition which may have led to his medical use of cannabis, and Tate failed the same NFL Scouting Combine drug test as Harvin.  Other players suiting up on offense for the Potheads are Tight Ends Aaron Hernandez (New England Patriots) and Anthony McCoy (Seattle Seahawks), both of whom also reportedly failed drug tests at the NFL Scouting Combine.

On defense, Defensive Linemen Shaun Ellis (New England Patriots) and Jonathan Babineaux (Atlanta Falcons) both were caught with marijuana during traffic stops.   Linebackers Leroy Hill (Seattle Seahawks) and Quan Sturdivant (Arizona Cardinals) also were busted in their cars with marijuana (Hill was passed out in his car at 4am).  Defensive Back Derrick Martin (Green Bay Packers) was found possessing marijuana at the Cleveland airport and DB Tom Zbikowski (Baltimore Ravens) failed a marijuana drug test in his boxing career.

Only among kickers were Bloom and Belville unable to find direct evidence of involvement with marijuana.  So Kickers Lawrence Tynes (New York Giants) and Sebastian Janikowski (Oakland Raiders) were allowed onto the team under special conditions.  While Tynes has no apparent involvement with marijuana, he did ask the president to pardon his brother Mark, who is serving 27 years in prison for marijuana trafficking.  Janikowski’s involvement with marijuana is unknown, but he does have past incidents with gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB), the so-called “date rape drug”.

Every week of the NFL season, NORML SHOW LIVE will bring you the results of the Viper Football League scores as the “NSLCS Pigskin Potheads” do battle with teams made up primarily of players from last year’s Super Bowl contenders, known in this league as the “Green Bud Packers” and the “Pittsburgh Stoners”, and a fourth team, the “Kansas City Chiefed”.

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