Stash for Fri, Dec 3, 2010

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Hemp Headlines

  1. WikiLeaks cables reveal international frustration with the War on Drugs
  2. NJ Gov. Christie and Assem. Gusciora reach “compromise” on medical marijuana rules
  3. ACLU of Michigan sues towns for banning medical marijuana dispensaries

Daily Toker Tunes

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  • Rockin’ Friday: Fireball Ministry – “King” Entertainment Report with Steve Bloom, co-author of Pot Culture: The A-Z Guide to Stoner Language and Life

  • Willie Nelson’s Teapot Party goes viral on Facebook

Cannabis Conversations

  • Rick Cusick, HIGH TIMES Associate Publisher, on “Cannabis Philosophy for Everyone: What Were We Just Talking About?”

Cannabis Community

  • KY Gubernatorial Candidate Gatewood Galbraith on the documentary, “Hempsters: Plant the Seed”

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