Stash for Fri, Dec 10, 2010

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Hemp Headlines

  1. Narcotics officers bust MediLeaf dispensary in San Jose
  2. Allendale, Michigan looks to ban medical marijuana dispensaries
  3. Roger Christie appeal to 9th Circuit court fails, will not get bail, may spend ten months in jail awaiting trial
  4. TMZ posts video of Miley Cyrus toking on a bong at 18th birthday party

Daily Toker Tunes

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  • Rockin’ Friday: God Forbid = “For the Fallen Hero”

NORML Newsmakers

  • Sabrina Fendrick – Coordinator of NORML Women’s Alliance
  • Cheryl Shuman – P.R. and Media Director for KushCon,
  • Anne Davis – NORML New Jersey Executive Director

Radical Rant

  • And you wonder why there is no home grow and a limit of three strains of <10% THC in New Jersey?”

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