Rhode Island governor threatened by US attorney over medical marijuana dispensaries

(Boston Globe) PROVIDENCE, R.I.—The top federal prosecutor in Rhode Island has warned Gov. Lincoln Chafee that the state’s plan to license medical marijuana dispensaries violates federal law.

U.S. Attorney Peter Neronha says in a letter delivered to Chafee on Friday that federal prosecutors have the right to investigate and prosecute those who grow and distribute marijuana, even if such activities are allowed by state law.

The state announced last month that it had picked three organizations to serve as state-regulated dispensaries for medical pot. Before they can serve patients, the compassion centers must pass a state inspection and receive local occupancy permits. Qualified patients will then be allowed to designate one of the centers as their authorized source of marijuana.

Isn’t it interesting how just when a medical marijuana dispensary industry is beginning to coalesce, form a political lobby, and provide financial muscle to the cause of marijuana legalization, these US Attorneys all over America are becoming pen pals with governors in medical marijuana states.  It’s almost as if their boss had some sort of agenda.

Don’t back down, Gov. Chafee!  If a Blue Dog Democrat in Washington State doesn’t have the spine to stand up for her sick and disabled constituents, maybe a former Republican Independent in Rhode Island can be the one to bring this inevitable state challenge to federal tyranny.

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