Pressure Grows to Legalize MMJ In MA

bostonhearld Two years after Massachusetts decriminalized possession of small amounts of pot, a bill pending on Beacon Hill would allow prescriptions for medical marijuana and set up 18 distribution centers across Massachusetts.

“Since the 1930s, we’ve been fighting marijuana as the killer weed, and that has to stop,” said state Rep. Frank I. Smizik, a Brookline Democrat championing the bipartisan bill. “There are so many people suffering with serious diseases where marijuana is the only way to stop the pain and keep them going.”

The Bay State proposal could be a money-maker for the commonwealth, Smizik said, as distribution centers will have to pay licensing fees of $5,000. And, he argues, it will also cut down on street crime as at least a portion of sales will be regulated by the state.

The time is ripe for a “discussion” about legalizing medical marijuana in the Bay State, agreed state Rep. Daniel Winslow, a Wrentham Republican and former judge who noted a nonbinding referendum on the issue passed “overwhelmingly” in his district in the 2010 election.

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