Pregnant women turning to cannabis for morning sickness relief risk prosecution

(RH Reality Check) In states where medical marijuana laws apply, pregnant women are allowed to use marijuana to treat pregnancy related symptoms. Sabrina Fendrick of NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) Women’s Alliance told RH Reality Check that just because a pregnant woman is allowed to access marijuana for medicinal purposes in those states where it’s legal, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she’ll be automatically protected when it comes to drug testing, however. And in those states where marijuana use is illegal, Fendrick says she receives emails “at least once a week” from mothers who are in danger of losing their children after having tested positive for marijuana use after giving birth.

In South Carolina in 2009, a mother who had used marijuana during pregnancy was prosecuted for child abuse and no less than three medical experts came to her defense to decry the lack of any evidence of physiological, emotional or mental effects from the marijuana use. Dr. Deborah Frank, Harvard educated, Board certified in Pediatrics, and a Professor of Pediatrics at Boston University’s School of Medicine not only found no evidence of abuse but said the child “appeared to be doing very well” and was developing in a positive way. Dr. Peter Fried, a PhD in Psychology and a retired Professor from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada has done extensive research on prenatal exposure to marijuana. Though he’s found some potentially negative effects, in this case, he stated clearly that “to characterize an infant born to a woman who used marijuana during pregnancy as ‘physically abused” and/or neglected is contrary to all scientific evidence. The use of marihuana during pregnancy has not been shown by any objective research to result in abuse or neglect.”

This subject is one of the most discussed on this blog. Women are turning away from the pharmaceuticals like Zofran to treat their nausea during pregnancy and embracing cannabis. However, many states still prosecute these women for child abuse if their infant turns up positive for marijuana metabolites on a drug screen. In turn, these women are turning to midwifery for childbirth when they can afford it or are just avoiding pre-natal care when they can’t afford it.

I encourage you to read the entire post and get educated on the matter of cannabis and pregnancy.

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