One in ten full-time workers smokes marijuana

Seems like the harder we work, the more often we smoke pot. Explain that "amotivational syndrome" to us again?

According to the latest National Surveys on Drug Use and Health, 10% of Americans working 31-to-50 hours per week have consumed cannabis over the past thirty days.  Over half of those (51%) will use cannabis more ten days per month and over one quarter (26%) will use cannabis almost every day.

The survey also indicated that among people working 30 or less hours per week who use cannabis, more used cannabis over the past thirty days than those working full time. Fifteen percent of those working 21-30 hours and 13% of those working 20 or less hours per week will consume cannabis.  However, their use rates are lower than the full time employed, with the majority (52% and 59%, respectively) using 10 or fewer days per month.  Only a little more than one fifth (21%) of these workers will use near daily.

Among those who work 51 or more hours per week, only about one in thirteen (7.65%) used cannabis in the past month.  However, that group also showed the most frequent rate by those who did use cannabis, with almost 30% using cannabis nearly every day.

There can be all manner of explanations for these data.  Employed people are more likely to be able to afford the marijuana they smoke more often.  People working longer hours may have less energy for other recreational activities.  One thing you can’t say, though, is that more marijuana use is leading to less productivity.

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