NORML SHOW LIVE #907 – Where’d I Put My Softball Mitt

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Hemp Headlines

Brought to you by Cannabis Fantastic

  1. Mitt Romney questions the “significance” of the medical marijuana issue in Colorado
  2. Colorado discussions on banning outdoor marijuana advertising
  3. Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol releases Mother’s Day pro-legalization TV ad
  4. Arizona lawsuit thrown out, may mean no medical marijuana business contract can be enforced

Daily Toker Tunes

Groovin’ Thursday: Brought to you by The Ganja Jon Show

  • The Effinays – “Gypsy”

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition Speaker’s Corner

  • Terry Nelson from LEAP explains how the least-connected in a drug conspiracy often do the most time

Radical Rant

  • A Wink-Wink Look at the Oregon Dispensary System

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