NORML SHOW LIVE #897 – This Just In, Oregon Ducks Smoke Pot!

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Hemp Headlines

Brought to you by Cannabis Fantastic

  1. Huffington Post claims “exclusive first interview” with Richard Lee of Oaksterdam following raids, despite our April 5 interview on NORML
  2. Michigan appeals court reinstates DUID case against medical marijuana patients
  3. Dutch changes to cannabis coffee shops opposed by operators in Maastricht

Daily Toker Tunes

Irie Wednesday: Brought to you by NorCalPurps in the California Bay Area

  • D.S.S. – “Ganja Farmer (acoustic)”

Cannabis Science with Dr. Mitch Earleywine

  • Reaction to the CU Boulder ban on the traditional 4/20 gathering
  • Potential dangers from poorly-purge butane hash oil

Radical Rant

  • Get Ready to be Strip Searched!
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