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Hemp Headlines

Brought to you by Cannabis Fantastic

  1. Bonnie Dumanis changes her stripes, claims she supports medical marijuana as she runs for San Diego mayor
  2. Drug Reform Conference in Los Angeles features speech by presidential candidate Gov. Gary Johnson
  3. San Jose mayor proposing new taxes to cover cost of referendum
  4. Montana poll shows majority support for new medical marijuana restrictions

Daily Toker Tunes

Rockin’ Friday: Brought to you by Urb Thrasher from Urb Age Designs

  • Kyng – “Trampled Sun” Entertainment Report with Steve Bloom, co-author of Reefer Movie Madness: The Ultimate Stoner Film Guide

  • New Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas movie review

Radical Rant

  • Medical marijuana turns 15 years old tomorrow – has it reached its zenith?

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