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Hemp Headlines

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  1. New SB423 restrictions on probationers and medical marijuana leaves Montana woman in intractable pain
  2. International Cannabis & Hemp Expo moves out of Cow Palace to downtown Oakland in Oaksterdam
  3. Colorado DUID panel cannot determine a per se limit of THC in blood to reliably indicate impairment
  4. Massachusetts company completes sequencing of cannabis genome

Daily Toker Tunes

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  • Rockin’ Friday: Cannabis Corpse – “Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise” Entertainment Report with Steve Bloom, co-author of Reefer Movie Madness: The Ultimate Stoner Film Guide

  • INTCHE moves to Oaksterdam
  • HIGH TIMES outlast Wall St. Journal in 11-inning softball final, finishes season #1 at 9-1
  • Stoner Movie Review: “Our Idiot Brother” with Paul Rudd
  • Sebastian Bach’s home destroyed by East Coast flooding

Radical Rant

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