NORML.ORG – Montana: Governor Intends To Allow Medical Marijuana Amendments To Become Law

Helena, MT: Democrat Gov. Brian Schweitzer announced Friday that he intends to allow Senate Bill 423 to become law absent his signature.

The measure repeals the state’s six-year-old, voter-approved marijuana law on July 1, 2011 and replaces it with new provisions created by the legislature. The stated intent of SB 423 is to reduce the total number of state-qualified medical cannabis patients from an estimated 30,000 to less than 2,000.

Senate Bill 423 mandates that advising physicians be reported to the state Board of Examiners if they recommend cannabis to more than 25 patients per year. The measure would also enact stricter qualifying requirement for chronic pain patients and prohibit licensed caregivers from receiving any financial compensation for providing cannabis to qualified persons.

A summary of SB 423’s provisions is available online from Montana NORML.

Governor Schweitzer had previously vetoed a measure that sought to repeal the state’s medical cannabis law outright.

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