NORML joins suit to reconcile California medical marijuana rulings

Click here for more coverage of CaliforniaNORML Legal Committee members Omar Figueroa and Bill Panzer have filed an amicus brief on NORML’s behalf in this lawsuit.

A flurry of recent, conflicting decisions by state appellate courts on whether cities can ban marijuana stores or be forced to allow them is setting up a landmark review by the California Supreme Court.

The state’s high court recently agreed to accept four cases involving marijuana dispensaries. Two more cases may be on the way, including the appeal of a Feb. 29 ruling in Orange County that said cities can’t ban cannabis stores but that such stores have to grow all of their pot on site – a requirement dispensaries say is impossible to satisfy.

“It’s chaos,” said Dale Gieringer, California director for the National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws. “We’re going to have to wait for the Supreme Court to sort this out.”

The legal confusion is growing as the federal government cracks down on marijuana providers. The enforcement actions by the U.S. attorneys won’t be affected by the state court cases.

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