NORML’s Founder, Keith Stroup, on NORML at 40

NORML Founder Keith Stroup

An hour-long conversation with the founder of NORML on his recollection of four decades in marijuana law reform and what the future holds for NORML.  You’ll hear Keith’s look back at the whirlwind of reform in the 1970s, how the culture wars of the 1980s almost did us in, his opinions on the wisdom of continuing the 1990s – 2000s push for medical marijuana laws, and the future of NORML in the 2010s and beyond… but not TOO far beyond!

And what would Keith’s late friend Dr. Hunter S. Thompson think of the recent “gonzo” phenomenon of Charlie Sheen?  It’s the money quote of the whole interview!

Download Link: Keith Stroup – NORML at 40

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