Nixon’s thoughts on the 40th anniversary of his “War on Drugs”

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Since 1900, we have spent as much time fighting a war on drugs as we spent fighting wars in countries.

It was forty years ago today,
Richard Nixon taught the world to hate
The people who would smoke a weed
Protesting war and hate and greed.
So may I introduce to you
The war you’ve known for all these years,
Richard Nixon’s Hopeless War on Drugs.

Download audio file (Richard-Nixon-Public-enemy-number-1-full.mp3)
 Nixon speaks to TV reporters and refers to drug users as “Public Enemy Number One”.

This does not look like a government bureaucracy going anywhere anytime soon.

It’s Richard Nixon’s Fascist War on Drugs,
For forty years it’s tried and failed,
It’s Richard Nixon’s Classist War on Drugs,
Where 20 million went to jail.
Richard Nixon’s Racist, Richard Nixon’s Futile,
Richard Nixon’s Hopeless War on Drugs.

Download audio file (Richard-Nixon-Left-wingers-push-dope.mp3)
 Nixon from the White House Tapes speaking to aides about how weak societies support homosexuality and drugs and that’s why the left wing supports them in order to destroy America and turn it Communist.

While condemning drugs, drug users, and popular rock culture, Nixon still found time to make Elvis Presley a special agent of the DEA. Yes, it's true.

It’s terrible to be here,
It’s certainly a shame.
You’re such a fine United States,
We’d like to see you change the stakes,
We’d love to end this war.

Download audio file (Richard-Nixon-Poppy-killing-insects.mp3)
 Nixon discusses with his Secretary of Agriculture how they might breed an insect that would kill poppies in the field.

Good thing we declared War on Drugs, otherwise more than 100 million Americans would have tried it!

We so really need to stop the show,
So I thought that you might like to know,
That we’ve spent a trillion bucks on war,
Against people who are mostly poor.
So let us introduce to you
The case for legalizing herb
End Richard Nixon’s Hopeless War on Drugs.

Download audio file (Richard-Nixon-Turned-the-Corner-on-Drug-Addiction.mp3)
 Nixon explains how after just one year into the War on Drugs, we’ve “turned the corner on drug addiction”.

(with apologies to Lennon and McCartney… but something tells me they’d agree…)

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