NFL QB Chris Simms, son of legendary QB Phil Simms, acquitted of marijuana DUI

Yeah, sure, this guy's SUV was bellowing pot smoke, but it was only his friend who was toking. This guy wasn't toking. Honest.

I never want to see anyone put in a cage for possessing, growing, or using cannabis.  However, I have little tolerance for people who use cannabis irresponsibly and put other people at risk.

Enter Chris Simms, quarterback of the Tennessee Titans. He’s the son of NFL MVP and Super Bowl winner and current NFL telecaster Phil Simms. He was busted for a marijuana DUI when his pot-smoke-bellowing SUV was stopped at a checkpoint in lower Manhattan, New York. Did I mention that his dad was quarterback and won the Super Bowl for the New York Giants?

Simms was cleared of the charges after a friend testified that he was the only one smoking pot that night. Prosecutors said the story told by Simms’ pal Charlie Granatell was “not worthy of belief.”

The Manhattan jury apparently disagreed.

Defense lawyers argued the charges against the NFL veteran showed “a rush to judgment” before a proper investigation was done.

Arresting Officer Francisco Acosta testified that his tongue became numb from the marijuana odor coming out of Simms’ SUV.

What is it with cops and marijuana odor?  These guys can face the toughest bad guys, but a little whiff of skunk numbs the tongue?  Didn’t I hear some cop testify about detecting marijuana by the green-ness of someone’s tongue?  Wasn’t it Colorado where the cop testified that pot smokers couldn’t cross their eyes while high?

Simms admitted toking “four puffs” after swerving toward the 1 a.m. checkpoint and slamming on the brakes, Acosta testified.

Lawyer Harvey Steinberg said that despite Acosta’s testimony, the cop never made notes about erratic driving by Simms.

The lawyer dismissed a mug shot taken of a bloodshot Simms, suggesting his eyes were red because “he was a little bit tired.”

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Somehow I think if you or I driving were erratically through Manhattan, admitting to taking four puffs of pot, and presenting a mugshot like that, we might not get acquittal. Just sayin’.

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