New High-Def podcast and iTunes feed for NORML SHOW LIVE


The New NORML SHOW LIVE feed for listeners with broadband downloads

We have created a new podcast feed for our award-winning NORML SHOW LIVE.  Originally we compressed our podcast as a 64Kbps MP3 file in order to keep the file size small enough for most people to download in a reasonable time.

However, that compression does compromise the sound quality, especially for music.  So this new feed will feature the same show compressed at 192Kbps, near-CD quality, for those of you with the broadband connection and hard drive capacity to handle it.

The new feed has been submitted to iTunes and is available by clicking here: iTunes NORML SHOW LIVE High-Def Subscription.

Standard Podcast Feed (27.5MB 64Kbps) | High-Def Podcast Feed (82.5MB 192Kbps)

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