MSNBC highlights ganjapreneurs at NORML Conference

Front page of MSNBC on Day Two of NORML CON

MSNBC Deputy Business Editor Al Olson attended the 40th Annual NORML Conference in Denver and it was like watching a twelve-year-old boy covering a video game convention. Every panel, every vendor, and every person elicited wide-eyed wonder and effusive praise from this veteran journalist.

“I’ve covered Super Bowls, presidential elections, Olympic games,” he told me, “but nothing comes close to how honored I am to be covering this conference.”

Al told me he is a daily listener to NORML SHOW LIVE and marveled at the quality production we put together on such a shoestring budget.  I told Al that we’re still hoping for shoestrings – right now we’re getting by hopping on one foot wearing a flip-flop.  It is satisfying to know that someone in the traditional media is listening and is dedicated enough to get our conference on the front page of last Friday.

Al interviewed many attendees at the conference, including me.  Al apologized that my footage (explaining the drug testing that ended my IT career) wouldn’t be included, as it was a piece on entrepreneurship, but promised there would be much more attention coming our way.  Oregon NORML’s Executive Director, Madeline Martinez, was included on the front page cover photo as well for her entrepreneurial work in the for-profit Cannabis Cafe.  Each interview, with video, is available still at

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