Movement Afoot to Make California Medical Marijuana What it Already is: A For-Profit Enterprise

Imagine if pharmacies or liquor stores had to operate as non-profits…

Why shouldn’t we be allowed to make a profit on medicine?  Big Pharma would never stand for this.

(LA Weekly Blog) One of the more farcical aspects of medical marijuana in Los Angeles is the flouting of state law, which says pot shops must be nonprofit.

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So, getting back to state law: This is a nonprofit collective distributing homegrown cannabis among members who are “seriously ill?” Yeah, right.

So, here’s the deal. San Francisco Assemblyman Tom Ammiano wants to propose an “omnibus cannabis bill” to better oversee the medical pot industry.

Don’t worry, L.A. pot-shop owners. It sounds like what he wants to do is regulate it as-is — codify its status as a business and forget this nonprofit b.s. Maybe.

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