Mitt Romney says medical marijuana, gay marriage are “state issues, right, aren’t they, really?”

This mitt is better at catching softballs.

(Hat tip to Huffington Post on the initial report…)

Mitt Romney was interviewing with a reporter from Colorado who asked a series of questions, including his opinions on civil unions or marriage equality for gay people, in-state tuition for children of undocumented immigrants, and Colorado’s state recognition of medical marijuana. Frustrated by the questions not leading to his preferred talking points, Gov. Romney, exasperated, asks “Aren’t there issues of significance you’d like to talk about? The economy?…”

Funny, it seems like just a couple of election cycles ago that Republicans couldn’t stop talking about “gay marriage”, “anchor babies”, and “Cheech & Chong medicine”. Now that those wedge social issues lose votes for the GOP among the rapidly-growing Hispanic population and the growing acceptance of equal rights for gay people and support for the medicinal use of marijuana, it looks like the GOP has retreated to the Clinton-era “It’s the Economy, Stupid” talking points.

But did you catch that part at the end of the interview where Gov. Romney jokes about the inclusion of those topics, dismissing them as “states issues, right, aren’t they, really?” Did we just hear the presumptive GOP nominee express that medical marijuana is an issue that states should be allowed to decide?

Enjoy this 60-sec PSA on the issue – feel free to download and share.

Download audio file (Mitt-Romneys-Issues-of-Significance.mp3)

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