Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Initiative Approved to Go Before Voters in November

A representative from the Secretary of State’s Office in Massachusetts has confirmed that an initiative seeking to allow for medicinal cannabis use by qualified patients has been approved for November’s ballot in the Bay State.

The ballot language reads:

“A yes vote would enact the proposed law eliminating state criminal and civil penalties related to the medical use of marijuana by patients meeting certain conditions” and that patients will be to procure cannabis “produced and distributed by new state-regulated centers or, in specific hardship cases, to grow marijuana for their own use.”

Full text of the initiative can be read here.

Data from a March 2011 survey of likely Massachusetts voters by Public Policy Polling had support for medical marijuana at 53% and opposition at 35%.

Massachusetts now joins Colorado, Washington, and Montana on the growing list of states voting on marijuana law reform measures this November. Supporters have also turned in signatures for a legalization initiative in Oregon and a medical marijuana initiative in Arkansas, but neither has yet heard back about their qualification status.

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