Legalization chances dwindling for California in 2012 election

Well, at least pro-legalization activists in Washington and Colorado have learned their lesson from California… I hope.

July 10, 2010 – “Stoners Against the Prop 19 Tax Cannabis Initiative” is borne, the brainchild of one “Dragonfly de la Luz”:


Myth #18: This is our only chance to take a step in the direction of legalization.
Fact: This is only our first chance—and it is NOT our only choice. This November, volunteers for the California Hemp and Health Initiative (CCHHI)—the initiative Jack Herer supported so much he lent his legendary name to it—will be collecting signatures to be placed on the CCHHI on the ballot in 2012.

Myth #19: We can vote in Prop. 19, then vote in a better initiative later.
Likelihood: Although 2012 will offer us a brilliant alternative with the CCHHI/Jack Herer Initiative, the more likely scenario is that by that time, big cannabis corporations will have all the money, power, and influence they need to thwart any challenge to their monopoly…. For this reason, WE CANNOT VOTE FOR PROP. 19 NOW AND THEN VOTE FOR CCHHI IN 2012 TO REPLACE IT.

October 29, 2010 – National Public Radio reports on the influence the “Stoners Against Prop 19″ campaign was having on perception among cannabis consumers:

De la Luz says she was excited at first to hear California was trying to legalize pot. “I thought it was a dream come true,” she says. “Then I read it and realized it was a nightmare.”

She’s now actively campaigning with her group “Stoners Against Prop 19.” She says the initiative would create too many restrictions: Californians would be able to legally possess, process, share or transport only one ounce of pot. And they would be able to grow it only in a 25-square-foot area.

As the election nears, de la Luz has been debating opponents and trying to convince other pot smokers. Her arguments worked on a man who calls himself Ali Baba, who’s in California for the marijuana harvest season and stopped by to share a few joints.

November 3, 2010 – Prop 19 has lost by 3.5% (46.5% – 53.5%) and did particularly poorly among in the marijuana growing counties of Trinity, Humboldt, and Mendocino.

prop. 19 was a tragically flawed initiative that ultimately defeated itself by being so poorly written as to be a pandora’s box of unintended consequences. still, we can learn from its mistakes to draft a better initiative for 2012. we are already working to get the California Cannabis Hemp and Health Initiative (also known as the Jack Herer Initiative) on the ballot.

thank you to all who saw prop. 19 for what it was and stood up against it, even in the face of ostracism from some members of the cannabis movement. i look forward to working with all cannabis activists and enthusiasts to bring TRUE LEGALIZATION IN 2012!


March 9, 2012 – Wait Until 2014: Marijuana Legalization All But Dead in California

Nobody likes to celebrate with a loss, but for the medical marijuana movement, 2010 and the historic defeat of semi-legalization measure Proposition 19 already look like the good old days.

Feast turned to famine quickly: Multiple marijuana legalization and medical marijuana reform ballot initiatives vied this year and last for a spot on voters’ ballots in November. But United Food and Commercial Workers and Americans for Safe Access withdrew on Thursday their Medical Marijuana Regulation, Control, and Taxation Act, and leading proponents of legalization initiative Regulate Marijuana Like Wine are already looking ahead to 2014.

Meanwhile, the three legalization measures are still starving for billionaires. A few weeks ago in LA, proponents for Repeal Cannabis Prohibition, Regulate Marijuana Like Wine, and the California Cannabis and Hemp Health Initiative issued a “statement of unity” that included a clarion call to rich people. All ballot initiatives were in desperate need of cash; they remain so today.

Strangely enough, I can find no blog posts from Dragonfly with commentary on this story.

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