Irie Wednesday: Kidd Rasta and the Peacemakers – “420 Ganja Song”

Kidd Rasta and the Peacemakers For today’s Irie Wednesday Toker Tune, we feature a selection from the mean streets of Toronto. For more than a decade, Kidd Rasta and the Peacemakers have used reggae as a means to work for world peace through music. To that end, the band’s songs present themes including the rastafarian faith, peace and justice, and the sacred herb. The band’s MySpace page says the idea is to offer up a reggae vibe with a twist, something its members call The People’s Music. Between 1999 and 2009, the collective released five albums of upbeat songs that fill listeners with positive vibrations. Kidd Rasta music is the definition of irie… Judge for yourself: You can find four of its CDs on iTunes or sample it on MySpace. And you can hear some right now: From the independently released LP Whose Planet Is It Anyway?, this is Kidd Rasta and the Peacemakers and “420 Ganja Song.”

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