Growing Like Weeds: Five New NORML Chapters Approved This Week

Some prohibitionists and politicos exceedingly rejoiced at the defeat of Prop. 19 in California this past November, hoping that the close defeat of this single legalization initiative would represent the high water mark for the now five-decade-old political and legal struggle to end Cannabis Prohibition.


Thankfully, since the election week, both donations and applications to form new chapters are on the rise at NORML—boding very well for future reform initiatives and legislation in 2012 and beyond.

This week, NORML’s national outreach coordinator (and podcast host) Russ Belville welcomed five new chapters to NORML’s existing 150 strong chapter network:


Eastern Kentucky NORML

University of Indiana/Purdue University at Indianapolis NORML

University of North Texas NORML

Australia NORML

You can view all of NORML’s domestic and international chapters here.

Please join your local NORML chapter. If there is not one close enough for your friends, family, co-workers and you…please consider starting a local NORML chapter of your own!

You can read and download info about forming a NORML chapter here.

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