Groovin’ Thursday: Lucid Music – “Three Twenty”

Adventures of the Invisible Band ReduxLucid Music didn’t officially become a group until the winter month of December 2005. Before then it was just two friends making music strictly for the fun of it in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They met while working at the same dead end retail store. Warren was an emcee from Long Beach California who had moved to Pittsburgh in 1999 to attend school and take care of his elderly grandmother. Marcus was a Chicago transplant who would freestyle in his grandmother’s basement while working towards a degree in business administration.

The Lucid Music sound is inspired by the hiphop it’s members grew up on. The lyrics are positive and profanity free allowing the group to perform for audiences of all ages. Jazz, rock and funk samples are used to create what can only be described as “ that old boom bap”: uptempo drums, thick basslines, melodic horns and piano. Turntablism also plays an important part of not only their sound but a live show as well.

Lucid music has distribution through, a japanese indie label, As well as international distribution with seminal hip hop label Bomb Hip Hop out of California.

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Lucid Music
“Three Twenty” (mp3)
from “Adventures of the Invisible Band Redux”
(Bomb Hip Hop)

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