Free RoLLaJaY! Supporters meet Oct. 11 at Hayward Hall of Justice

There's something terribly wrong if the USA puts this paralyzed pot grower in a prison cell while Wall St. crooks who destroyed our economy remain unindicted.

Our NORML SHOW LIVE studios is called “RoLLaJaY Studios” in honor of Jason “RoLLaJaY” Rivera, who donated nearly all of the recording gear that makes our daily talk show possible.  Now RoLLaJaY needs our help as he faces charges of manufacture and distribution of a controlled substance.  Or as we call it, growing cannabis medicine and providing it to sick and disabled people in a state that overwhelmingly supports such compassion.

Jason’s arrest warrant was recalled on Friday and now a hearing is scheduled for four weeks from today, Tue. Oct. 11 at the Hayward Hall of Justice, Hayward, California.  WE NEED SUPPORTERS TO PACK THE COURTROOM!

NORML SHOW LIVE crew will be road-tripping from Portland to Alameda to attend the hearing; we hope we see you there if you can possibly make it.  Bodies in the courtroom do make judges notice.

If you know Jason and would like to submit a signed letter of character reference for the judge, please use the following format (on your business letterhead, if possible)

To: The Superior Court of Alameda County, Hayward
24405 Amador Street
Hayward, California 94544

Re: Jason Rivera, Docket No. 436822

To Whom It May Concern:

Paragraph 1:                Introductory Paragraph explaining who you are and your reason for writing – to provide a character reference for Jason.

Paragraph 2:                Long paragraph outlining how you know Jason and for how long. (For example, long time family friend, high school friend, etc.) Also state your opinion of him, based on facts, regarding Jason’s character, stating his virtues.  (For example: peaceful, trustworthy, honest, intelligent, compassionate, family-oriented, etc.)  Please describe any adversity he’s overcome and how he’s dealt with it.

Paragraph 3:                Ask the judge to release him on his Own Recognizance and say why: For example, he is not a flight risk, he has significant ties to the community, he is a responsible person who will appear at all court dates, etc.


–          Remember to include specific examples in your character reference letter; particularities are more persuasive than generalities.  Also, PLEASE USE YOUR OWN WORDS so the letters don’t all look the same.

–          Sign and date the letter with a contact number and, if possible, please type and print out on letterhead.

–          Fax or email signed copies to the Law Office of Omar Figueroa ASAP.  Call our office immediately if you have any questions.  Here’s our contact info:
Law Offices of Omar Figueroa
7770 Healdsburg Ave., Ste. A
Sebastopol, CA 95472-3352

Telephone: (415) 489-0420
Telephone: (707) 829-0215
Facsimile: (707) 861-9187

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