Domino’s Manager “Trying Harder” by Selling Weed in Pizza Boxes

The manger of a Dominos is in trouble with the law for delivering more than pizza. A North Carolina Domino’s Pizza manager was selling marijuana out of the Holly Springs Dominos.

The police became aware of his activities from a confidential informant that said 29-year-old Benjamin Crook was selling marijuana. The informant then purchased marijuana from Mr. Crook a few times in January and a few times this month. The marijuana was placed inside plastic bags that were then placed in empty pizza boxes and sold for cash at the pizza chain.

The restaurant manager was arrested yesterday and charged with possession with an intent to distribute, delivering marijuana, selling marijuana and maintaining a dwelling to sell a controlled substance.

Investigators had also gone through his trash at him home, found what they are calling evidence of drug activity, and obtained a search warrant. According to those warrants, police seized just 21.8 grams of marijuana from his locker at Dominos and another 18 grams of marijuana in the store safe.

No comment from Domino’s so far on the incident.

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