Dallas Fort Worth NORML Meets While Texas House Debates!

Next Saturday, March 26, the Collective Tattoo will be hosting the monthly meeting of Dallas Fort Worth NORML!  We have got a GREAT bunch of events lined up for the afternoon and evening.  This month, there will be great grilled Food, Live Reggae Music and an impassioned speech by Larry Talley, retired Special Forces Intelligence Operative, for cannabis regulation. Larry will be providing expert testimony to the Texas Legislative committee for House Bill 1491 later this month in Austin.  In addition, we will have updates on the two sponsored bills currently being debated by the Texas Legislature.

“During the time I spent attached to U.S. Navy Special Forces, we failed only in one mission – the control of the narcotics flow”……Larry Talley

Larry S. Talley served in the United States military from 1987-2007. Stationed at Naval Special Warfare Unit Eight in the Republic of Panama from 1991-1996, Larry worked with various agencies to help the United States complete it’s mission to become a “Drug Free America by 1995″.

While stationed in Panama, Larry deployed frequently to various locations in Central and South America in support of counterdrug operations, where he formulated and implemented eradication strategy in conjunction with the Drug Enforcement Agency and with many countries in the region.

Since his retirement in 2007, Larry has been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, and has extremely bad chronic back pain (degenerative disc disease) from an injury that occurred in service, among many other issues. Larry believes all of his serious medical issues could be treated with cannabis instead of dangerous narcotics. “My chances at living a long life have been greatly reduced by the dangerous and unproven drugs prescribed to me by my doctor. Typically, the average Crohn’s patient that dies isn’t as a result of the Crohn’s but rather an indirect result of the dangerous drugs that increases one’s chances of lymphoma and various other cancers.”

Larry has attended Arizona State University, the Naval War College, Texas College, Florida State, Old Dominion University, Capella University; he earned a BS in Information Technology, an MBA and is currently pursuing a PhD in Computer Science. He lives in Flower Mound, TX with his daughters.

The meeting starts at 4:20 pm, and following the meeting the Collective has done a wonderful job of arranging for some awesome music and if you decide to stay for the social and music, food will be served.

The meeting will be held at The Collective, 2408 E. Trinity Mills rd., Carrollton, Texas, is Free of Charge to everyone! Come bring the whole family and join us as we discuss Marijuana Legalization in Texas.

Thank you, I hope to see you there.

Warmest respect,
The DFW NORML Crew….
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