Cannabis, circles, cycles, caring and sharing

There is something inherently communal about cannabis. When used in groups, unlike with alcohol and tobacco products, cannabis is shared among willing participants (and where hogging something to oneself is frowned about: "Don’t Bogart that joint!").

A NORML Life DVDA smoke circle–not a square, triangle or pentagon, comes to mind.

With nearly forty one years of cannabis consumer advocacy in NORML’s rearview mirror, and fast approaching a momentous presidential election cycle–which will most likely include up to four state initiatives to either medicalize or legalize cannabis–NORML’s large grassroots network again will be relied upon to rally supporters from coast to coast to continue to advance these long overdue cannabis law reforms forward.

With Gallup polling now indicating the long awaited the fifty percent mark in public support for full cannabis legalization having been crossed, the long-sought public effort to end Cannabis Prohibition is more politically viable than at any previous time, in any of our lifetimes.

With no major endowment, billionaire supporters or sufficiently large enough membership base (NORML is not the NRA, AARP or Girl Scouts) to provide the necessary funding to run nationwide ad campaigns, commit a legion of lobbyists in Washington, D.C. and the state capitals or lard incumbent political campaigns with loads of cash contributions, NORML’s central base of support is from folks like you, your like-minded friends and family.

From folks–like me–who responsibly use and enjoy cannabis for whatever reason, and hardly see ourselves as criminals. From folks who both care about cannabis law reform as well as share some of their resources to make these important public policy changes happen as soon as possible.

This is the essence of NORML.

100% hemp backpack from Rick Steves and NORMLRecognizing this, a documentary producer and director independent of NORML have recently released a DVD entitled "It’s a NORML life", which was filmed over nearly three years to produce a compelling and inspired view of both the political momentum of cannabis law reform these days, but also the can-not-be-denied spirit ever-present among cannabis law reformers.

Please make an end of the year donation to NORML or the NORML Foundation (where donations are fully tax deductible) for at least $20 and we’ll send you a copy of It’s a NORML life. Make a generous donation of $100 or more and we’ll include a 100% hemp backpack from Rick Steves and NORML!

Gather some friends around, maybe in a circle, and inspired on a few levels (if you know what I mean), enjoy the DVD as a great motivational vehicle for 2012, a year like the previous forty one, which will be the busiest one ever for ending Cannabis Prohibition.

Thanks again for both caring and sharing!

Cannabem liberemus,

Allen St. Pierre
Executive Director
Washington, D.C.

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