Bermuda is NOT the place to take your medical marijuana!

( In Magistrates Court this morning [May 25], visitor Edith Norton Lord Wolff, a 59-year-old California woman who said she was a self-employed investor, was sentenced to thirty days in prison for importing approximately 35 grams of cannabis in fourteen rolled cigarettes and two plastic bags.

The prison sentence came along with a $3,000 fine.

The doctor had prescribed the drug, not criminalized in California, and under California law accepted as a medicine; in the treatment of Menieres Disease from which Ms Lord Wolff was said to be suffering.

However, presiding Magistrate Archie Warner ruled that under Bermuda Law, the amount was large and even though the Crown had dropped the second charge of possessing with intent to supply, he was still required to take the amount into consideration.

Magistrate Warner cited a previous case, ” where a senior court, in Bermuda, had ruled that possessing or using the drug as part of a religious rite did not mean that marijuana’s use and possession could be justified in contravention of Bermuda law. He said that the same principle applied in this case and that medical use fell into the same category.

At least it’s not “Ten for Two”.  ”A Month for Fourteen” wouldn’t be as catchy.

If you want acceptance for you medical marijuana use when visiting a beautiful Caribbean island, leave those British territories and visit an American territory – the United States Virgin Islands.  It’s not legal there, yet, but we’ve got a great NORML chapter there working hard to make it so.  Imagine an island paradise with a medical marijuana law that offers reciprocity for all US state medical marijuana patients and doesn’t require a passport!

Besides, it will be fun watching Bermuda watch all those American cannabis patient tourism dollars bypass their punitive little island.

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