56% of Denver County Republicans support marijuana legalization

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(Huffington Post) Fifty-six percent of the delegates at the Denver County Republican Assembly voted in support of a resolution to regulate marijuana like alcohol in the Centennial State. While the initiative, known as Amendment 64, did not receive the two-thirds majority required to adopt it as a plank in the party’s platform, advocates are hailing the vote as significant.

The vote comes shortly after television evangelist Pat Robertson took to the airwaves on “The 700 Club” to condemn arrests for marijuana possession.

“On the heels of the Pat Robertson endorsement of Amendment 64, it is great to see increasing support for regulating marijuana like alcohol across the ideological spectrum,” the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol added.

Democrats, I have been warning you for years now that if you’re not careful, a Republican party whose base is aging and becoming a white minority will adopt the marijuana legalization issue to woo younger, non-white voters.

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