“The Danger of Dabs” ignites marijuana concentrates controversy

Well, I get back from vacation and all hell breaks loose!

Kush Magazine published an essay of mine entitled “The Danger of Dabs”.  In it, I describe the phenomenon of “BHO”, the butane hash oil that is becoming increasingly popular in the West.  I explain (or at least, I tried to explain) that there is a public relations nightmare waiting for us when the mainstream media finally clues in to this process that uses propane torches (like crack) on a black gooey substance (like heroin) and occasionally leads to a manufacturer blowing himself up (like meth).

But from the Facebook comments, it seems some people think I was calling BHO users “crackheads”.  Here’s a sampling:

Stabbed by one of our own. Thanks Russ for one giant step back in legalization. Comparing dabs to crack cocaine, way to go NORML!

i think Russ bailed on us, comparing concentrate users to violent drunkards, crack heads, heroin addicts and meth labs.

he talks about me (and a few others but doesn’t use our names) and calls my marijuana medicine “heroin looking goo” are you kidding me!!!?? & YOU THINK THAT ISN’T A PUBLIC RELATIONS NIGHTMARE?!!! an mmj advocate calling it these things?

WTF Russ? This is pure fear driven nonsense in my opinion. Crack? Alcoholics? Are you trying to add fuel and build their fire?

So, what do you think?  Read the article for yourself.  I thought I was clear in explaining “this is what our opponents will say” and “this is how it will be perceived” and “we better figure out a way to address this”, but apparently I wasn’t clear, because people who know me personally think I was speaking for our opponents.

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