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  1. John says:

    WOW! They are to STONED to run a business!! show up when told to to get clones and they show up no clones so much for a days notice they are to stoned to remeber!!!!!!!! They think they are the only place to get clones!! Once again to stoned!!!!!!

  2. bigpoppa says:

    friendly place to go. always got a wide varity of medication on hand.

  3. ed duffey says:

    best place in michigan

  4. Jim says:

    Very good quality meds that are never watered down.

    Excellent support group foundation.

    High quality, Compassionate Care.

  5. Chris says:

    looking for lights

  6. farmer kim says:

    Caregivers beware dropping mmm report magazine.i dropped off sample that scored 23.81never called me but had a full jar he was selling of same kind(its called bait and switch.Hes made that magazine before i wonder if he even buys from caregivers leaving samples or from his friends

  7. Grower says:

    Every time I have called or have been there the people was stoned. Phone calls are a joke. Makes me wonder if they can read the scales or even know what kind of meds they have.

    For now there isn’t no other else to go in that area. That will soon change and they will be out of business.

    If the owner is reading this, read it real slow. Or better yet get someone that can read it for you and explain it to you !

    • Grower says:

      Just as I said. Truegreene just north on M30 is open and are doing a great business. The meds are top shelf and the people are great to deal with. The best around to get your meds.

      • virgo911 says:

        Hey where is true Greene at looked em up but can’t find n e thing headed out there but would b nice to have location ..I’m assuming they r north on m30 n e info u can give would b helpful. Ty

      • Jacalyn says:

        You’ve really imrepssed me with that answer!

  8. ty says:

    Always there for me, thanx greenwayz

  9. pissed says:

    your seeds are gabage 1st rule no stripes no good not 1 of your fucking seeds had spot or stripe your a low life thiveing piece of shit you should be fucking ashamed of yourself burn in HELL¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  10. Gabrielle Finley says:

    Since day 1 I was a greatful customer. Adam has respect fr his patients and is very helpful. His dad is amazing and even gifted me a pipe after I realized I didn’t have enough money fr one. I love that if you ask for house weed you save so much money and it’s always killer.

    Love u greenways

    Thanks for not making me work that pipe
    Off – lol

  11. Devin says:

    Hands down the best dispensary in mid-Michigan..! Can’t complain at all..!

  12. Amy says:

    Owner is shady. Sold me 2 oz for 200 ea. I got 12g of leaves & stems. Horrible. Looked & tasted like someones outdoor garbage. All about the money there. Dont care about the people or product. Avoid this place. Owner too stoned & greedy to care who he’s ripping off. Will take my money to lansing. Horrible!

  13. greg says:

    I will never go back we wasted four hrs following there directions then we got there and everything we were told was bs and then some from the dogs jumping on my wife the stoned bud tender and the crap in the jars that were sold as meds left me far from satisfied as promised go at your own risk

  14. James says:

    Where do I begin…
    This place is hands down the worst dispensary I have ever been in. The place is dirty, the “bud tender” was dirty and rude. He laughed when I asked where his Atm was when on the door it clearly has a credit card accepted sticker. After showing up a half hour after I called the phone number on the door, the guy tried to sell me meds that looked like old brick weed while bagging up brownies and handling money. This is the kind of stuff the medical consumer market can do with out. We are making good progress as far as this state goes. We don’t need inadequate, sub par facilities to ruin this progress. I will never go into this business again. With the heavy tourist industry in the area, you would think there to be a local place showing that they can supply the demand in a safe and inviting store. I’ve yet to find any in the area.

  15. bud man says:

    this place is garbage. the son rather play his xbox one then wait on patients. waited about 15 minutes for him to finish his game before he waited on me. Ripped me off twice. this is more of a local drug house then a legal business. $400 for ounces. cant even tell you what kind of wax they have. they are more about making money then helping patients. take your money somewhere else. I go to THE HERBLE CENTRE/THC in MT. Morris. great ppl great meds. ounces for $200 awesome waxes. everything you need at great prices.

  16. bud man says:

    I would love to see this place shut down and get a dispensary that is caring about their patients and not their Xbox. I personally am doing what I can to get them shut down and get someone in there that wants to help patients, not themselves. their price for medication is way over priced & knowing the closes place from them is about a 2 hour drive they can do that. Wayne & Son are horrible compassion club owners. their more like drug dealers and scammers with a license. report this place to LARA after you leave a comment or read this. take action against this noncompassion club & help get one that is caring

  17. Anderson says:

    Absolutely best selection. Good people. Stop in you will be pleased.

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