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  1. Therese Smith says:

    I have made several trips to this club. They are thorough about verifying eligibility,certifications,identity,etc to comply with law. They are kind,friendly, and well informed about the medicine they have. They are patient with questions or concerns and are up to date with helpful information. I am extremely happy to have thus club available to help me ease chronic pain of arthritis that I have suffered with for at least 12years. Rx meds that were supposed to help were pulled from the market due to sometimes fatal side effects. I am a 73 year old retired professional. I am not some “druggie” looking to get high. I hope every club member writes or calls and tells their congressperson to stop this harassment of decent people who choose natural, herbal cures to the poisons put out by chemical factories! Yours truly, Therese (Terri) Smith

  2. Hillbilly Steve says:

    I have to say the staff are friendly. The place is clean and the meds are fantastic No bs

  3. NoMoe Payne says:

    These guys know their stuff and its not creepy or shady! I have crohns and this place has got the meds to help!!!

  4. My name is Ronald Meloche and has stolen my paperwork and is using my card by pot and sell it t company colonial heating and cooling plymouth michigan

  5. Dr. Greenleaf says:

    MAKE SURE you know which “Helping Hands” you’re going to. “HH” in Lansing is the highest priced for average green with a lot of frost. Does anyone check trichomes anymore? They’re supposed to be milky NOT clear when you harvest. A look of a lot of frost is usually “light reflection like a kaleidoscope.” USED lighting has no guarantee and is usually marked higher than online or any major outlet like S&S or Indoor Garden Supply in Lansing. AND not last but enough, the clones look like Sierra fugitives and priced at $@% per. a quarter of “SHELF MED” will run $75. I’ve owned 2 dispensaries and know overhead but when you ask a place to give you $150 for an oz. of good nugs and get refused but must pay $100 for a decent quarter, that’s just being a self centered greedy screw you kind of person.I’ll never go back even though the owner used to come in and whine when he was a customer then tried to copy my idea even opening a dispensary and now has to screw people to make ends meet.

  6. rabitlian says:

    the staff is good, the computer system goes down every week so bring cash or you will have to go into Detroit unprotected to get cash

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